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Vitiman C Flush

What are your thoughts on vitiman c flush?

How do the days work on the upper focus training workout program?

I love the new program and I’m going to be starting it soon. I watch the beginner video and I’m not 100% sure on how should work. My goal is 4 to 5 days a week working out you said on the video that they’re not actual weak likely, but we should just go down the list, so I think it’s who won is the first day, day two is the second day, day three is the third day, and so on. If I work out four days a week, day five is the first day of the following week, and a six is the second day of that week, and so on. Is that right? I just wanna make sure that I get the timing and progression correct.

Lat pulldown grip

Can you break down the different types of grip on lat pulldowns (neutral, narrow, wide), like does the grip really bias some muscles more than others? If yes, how significant is it and does it make sense to include two variations in the same workout?

No leg days

I just started the new upper focus training. I have an issue. My legs hurt quite often, even when I only work my upper body, so doing a leg day the next day is almost impossible. I did the day 1 on Monday and was sore in my legs through yesterday. How do I fix that or improve so I can work my legs harder?

Rest days

Why does it feel so hard to take a day completely off? Any additional resources and insight on ways to feel less guilty around it?