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Wearing Oura while working out

What is your experience on wearing the Oura ring while working out? Does it interfere with holding the bar or does it affect the grip? Can the ring get broken or heavily scratched? Do you also have experience with ball sports when wearing the ring? (In my case volleyball) Is the ring tight enough so that it doesn't fall of if you swing your arms too fast? Thanks a lot! :) Love your podcast!!

Podcast recommendations

What are some podcast you all listen to? It is so hard for me to find podcast I love as much as you guys because within two minutes I can tell it is BS based on the things I have learned from you both. I need more motivating and inspiring podcast fitness related or just for mindset and growth and development .

PPL - Calculating Total Volume

When building a PPL routine and aiming for 8-20 sets per muscle group, do you recommend counting sub-muscles/muscle parts in order to effectively cover all equally. i.e. when building a push day, do you count exercises towards just the chest shoulders and triceps, or do you count them towards the upper chest, lower chest, front delt, side delt, rear delt, plus each tricep head? Long story short, how detailed do I need to go in order to effectively build the routine?

Oura's Daytime Stress Monitor

Hey Tony! What do you think about Oura's new daytime stress monitoring feature?

Meal Plan

Would you guys consider creating a basic meal plan for subscribers similar to the workout plans you've created?