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Wearing Oura while working out

What is your experience on wearing the Oura ring while working out? Does it interfere with holding the bar or does it affect the grip? Can the ring get broken or heavily scratched? Do you also have experience with ball sports when wearing the ring? (In my case volleyball) Is the ring tight enough so that it doesn't fall of if you swing your arms too fast? Thanks a lot! :) Love your podcast!!

RPE range

I was a little late to the party but I’m halfway through the PPL program you guys put out. A lot of the lifts have rep ranges already (6-8, 8-12, etc), should I be using the low or high end while utilizing RPE? Example: 6-8 single arm rows 8 RPE. Should my max reps be 8 or 10?

Fish Oil mentions in podcast

Does anyone know in what episode they have the extensive breakdown of omega 3? They’ve mentioned they did this breakdown in a previous episode, but for the life of me I cannot find it. Additionally, thoughts on the legion omega 3 being higher than the RDA? Thanks!

Podcast recommendations

What are some podcast you all listen to? It is so hard for me to find podcast I love as much as you guys because within two minutes I can tell it is BS based on the things I have learned from you both. I need more motivating and inspiring podcast fitness related or just for mindset and growth and development .

How to progress with limited dumbbells

Hi there, Got a question around progression and dumbbells - I try and progressively overload, including increasing reps and time under tension. However, my gym has limited dumbbells so the difference between one to the next is quite a lot (e.g. 15kg to 17.5kg) and I sometimes struggle to move up to the next weight on an exercise, even once I've applied some of the other progression techniques. Any tips for bridging the gap between these please?