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Today I was diagnosed with PCOS. I am of normal weight, but work my ass off to maintain it. I'd love to lose more fat but I seem to be stuck. Any advice for those of us with conditions like PCOS and how we can better manage our fitness journeys?

Gym Timing

What time of the day should I train? I work remotely, so I‘m quite flexible and I already tried different times. I feel like going to the gym in the evening is super stressy as it is so crowded and my gym ist kinda small + I can’t fall asleep afterwards (cortisol levels I guess?). Working out during the day is my go to but I have to shift meal timing all the time and the calls I have from work :/ I would love to go in the morning so it is checked off for the day, but I often feel very tired around afternoon and want to take naps if I‘ve been to the gym in the morning, which also makes me neglect my tasks :( Any tips?

Intuitive Eating and Weight Regulation

Hello! I would be interested to hear you cover something around appetite and weight regulation after weight loss. Historically, I maintained my weight intuitively. After gaining a significant amount of medication weight (and intentionally losing it through a calorie deficit), my weight tends to trend upwards when I return to eating intuitively. Is there any science behind this?

Other Podcasts

I love you guys, but soon I'll be all caught up on episodes. What are some other podcasts you guys recommend listing to with good information? Thank you

Bikini competition what’s your take?

I have a coach who is a bikini competitor and another one who comes to my gym. They both have said to cut carbs! I almost wanted to cry. They said if I want to see body recomp, I need to cut carbs very low! I don’t want to compete and I don’t want to cut carbs. I have seen what they do. They do two hours of cardio fasted a day and they also strength train. They look amazing but I don’t think I can commit to be in such low body fat and give up my carbs. So what’s your opinion on bikini competions, pros and cons? It is a healthy thing to do? I have read conflicting information on it.