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Vacation Workout Routine?

On episode 94 you spoke about home/travel training programs. I am highly interested in having a good one to keep my sanity while traveling. Will you be coming out with one? Thanks!

Losing Weight with BodyPump

I’m doing bodyPump (Les Mills) 2-3 times a week, and have a mild calorie deficit (large amount of protein). However, I can’t seem to loose weight, I have been using measurements to track body recomp, and there’s been little to no change over 3 months. Is there something else or some other way to get weight loss?

Weighing and Logging

I eat the Bare Chicken Nuggets pretty much everyday for lunch. I measure them before I put in Airfryer and they will be like 7 oz but when they come out they are closer to 5 oz. So is that water cooking out? Do I track as 7 or 5? I am trying to dial in the tracking.

At home workout and/or program with minimal equipment!

Summer is coming, which means I turn into a fulltime stay at home mom (I am a teacher). I am looking for tips, tricks, or reasonable priced equipment (best bang for my buck) for at home workouts. During the school year I have access to a full gym, how to I make sure not to lose my gains during the summer? Is there a program you would suggest for 10-12weeks at home?

Inbody or similar impedance scanners

Do you recommend adding an Inbody or other similar products for a boutique personal training business? I am concerned about accuracy and the cost, especially starting out.