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Nutrition / Food Labels

What are 'clean' or good macros when looking at a label vs 'bad'. Calories to protein, should sodium be a major factor, etc.

So Sore!!!

Hey guys- i just finished week 2 of the full body program and I’m so sore today! I worked M/T, took a rest day W and then worked Th/F. Would it be better to take a rest day between all the days or just back down on the weights altogether? Or is this how it should be and just keep at it? I went up in weight from last week so am I just overdoing it? Following the RPE suggestions but first set RPE is always different than the last set. Also- I have a home gym with lots of weights but no machines so everything is being done with barbells or dumbbells (not sure if that makes a difference). I will also add that I’m in a calorie deficit for weight loss but hitting all my protein and fiber macros. Thanks for any/all insight!

Stopping Intermittent Fasting

Any tips on stopping Intermittent fasting? I’ve done it for 18 months primarily 18:6 with some occasional 20:4 and 22:2 and lost 80lbs (changed my eating habits and upped protein significantly) but now I’m scared to stop in fear I start gaining but I’m also craving a normal food day!

Umary- legit or full of sh!!!t?

Hey guys! First of all, found the pod a couple months ago, successfully binged all episodes and now that I’m caught up, I’m miserable lol. Anyway! I was recently introduced to “Umary”, which claims to be a dietary supplement that aids in joint pain, with its key ingredient being hyaluronic acid. It almost sounds like a magic little pill for freaking joint pain (and I do NOT have Megan knees). I understand the science behind hyaluronic acid and how this could work…but I don’t know what else is involved in this supplement. Any input on this “miracle drug”?

12 Week PPL post vacation

do I jump back in where I left off? How do I ease back into the program after a 2 week vacation?