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Ashwagandha Dependency

Hello! Absolutely love your podcast. I listen all the time at work. So, I take ashwagandha root and have for a few months now. It really helps my anxiety and stress levels on a day to day basis. I don't want to stop taking it. But like everything we can take, I'm afraid of becoming dependent on it. Is it possible I could be? Also, do you guys have a recommendation for a 300mg dose that's third party tested? I can't seem to find one I trust. Thank you!

Bulk or cut

Hi, I am 6 foot 1, 196lbs and about 14% body fat, should I enter a bulk or a cut?

Oura Ring discount code?

Is the oura ring discount code working for people? If not anyone have a code that is working

Pelvic Floor and Core combo routines?

I've been seeing a lot of clips talking about pelvic floor and deep core routines. Wondering what your thoughts are on these for women ? Are there actually routines that will target both core and pelvic floor, are they related and why the hell are there so many videos on this solving everything related to being a women with these types of routines ? My BS alarms are going off but still curious what yall think!


Can you superset with 3 exercises? Or is that going to be too much between rests?