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Is heavier always better?

When it comes to weight training, is more weight always better? I understand there are multiple ways to do progressive overload, but are there benefits to doing more reps of lighter weight?

Weight trainer after injury/illness/surgery

My friend is starting his weight loss journey and I am helping him with the information I’ve learned from Fitness Stuff! He has already lost 42lbs from nutrition changes alone. He recently had hernia surgery and is easing back into exercise. Previously, he had only done cardio. I’ve explained if he wants his weight loss to be fat loss, he’ll need to add weight training. He’s hesitant, given his recent surgery. Can you recommend weight training for someone who is an Uber beginner and will need to be cognizant of his limitations?

lMNT and liquid IV

Please thoughts on these supplements ?

What is the point of these IV retail stores

Hydration, electrolytes... Why would I go spend money to get an IV at one of these "retail stores". What are they promising?

On Full Body Workouts

Hi, guys! Love the show—I often share your content on Insta. Love the mission. Lately, I’ve noticed a lot of full body workouts getting hate on social media, i.e. discounting a lunge to curl or thruster. While it’s obvious that your lower body is stronger than your upper (typically), can’t you still accomplish strength goals, fat loss, and hypertrophy with a full body workout routine?