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Hello! I am a new subscriber to premium and am excited for the training programs! I had breast aug surgery beginning of March and do not want to train chest until probably @ least a year out so I am wondering which program will be the best to start with? Also, when it comes to chest exercises, what do you recommend? Another push exercise in its place? Thanks for your time!

activity level :/

haha so sorry to beat the dead horse but I’m a college student so I mostly sit throughout the day but I’m following the 5-day glute split program and since I walk around campus I get easily 10-15k steps per day. Given that info how should I input my activity levels and steps?

Cutting without counting

Hi there! Recently I’ve been trying to cut in order to lose some fat and maintain muscle. Tracking calories (and macros) has never been easy for me, so I’m wondering: how can I make sure I’m maintaining a cut without actually counting/tracking my caloric intake?

HMB for Fasted Training

Hey guys! I was listening to episode 115 on lean bulking, and Tony mentioned that he supplements with HMB because he's an early-morning lifter and trains fasted (~1:01:50 into the episode). I also lift first thing in the morning and was just curious about some of the benefits of HMB and what it actually does for your body. Side note: I've been lifting consistently for 12+ years now so significant progress is a bit of a fairy tale to me at this point, but I started the High Frequency Training program a few weeks ago after listening to episode 90 and I am FULLY hooked. I'm loving it and having some of the best workouts I've ever had - you guys did such a great job explaining it (both logically and scientifically) and the program is very well-structured. I feel like I'm going to break the Share button on Spotify with how many people I've sent that episode to and I'm excited to make Full Body my whole personality going forward! Thanks so much!

I should be full, but I'm not

Is there any science behind not feeling "satisfied" after a meal despite the meal having all the right things? For example, there are times where I eat enough with good protein/macros, but I'm still hungry. Is there something I'm missing?