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Effectiveness of Zig Zag Dieting

If the goal is weight loss/fat loss, what are your thoughts on the effectiveness of a zig-zag calorie deficit (i.e. eating below calorie target during the week so I can eat more on the weekend)?

Figuring out maintenance calories after a long cut

I love your podcast, and it has helped me a lot during my cut and strength training start. How that I have reached my ideal body weight and physique I am looking to add back the calories I cut. How can I figure out my maintenance calories after a long cut?

Physical Activity

I am a little confused on what the level of activity means. I do cardio at the gym, and reach my 10k steps daily but I don't know where I stand on the physical activity scales for your calculators. Could you give an example of what light activity looks like?


Hi, Tony and Marianna! Love educating myself with your podcast. Recently in my Jiu Jitsu gym, a few people (men and women) have started taking PEDs, and they are hella jacked (you can feel their strength when you roll with them). My friend started asking me questions about it because it is popular in the sport, but I don’t know much and don’t want to give her bad gouge. I’d rather stay natty, but I’d love to be educated about this topic! Please do a deep dive!

Light vs. heavy weight for fat loss

This must've been asked but the search isn't pulling it up. I'm doing the 12-week upper focus. I can lift very heavy. My goal is fat loss. Should I be using a lower weight and a higher rep range? Or should I stick to the plan based on the RPE given?