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On Detoxes (the whole foods way)

Can I get your thoughts on the Kroma Wellness 5-day reset and the Sakara 5-day detox?

Leg Soreness

I do a lower body workout 2 times a week. However, my legs get SO sore for about 5 days, so the second workout doesn't happen. I have tried reducing weight and reps but I still get sore. What should I do?

Strengthening after injury

I have De Quervain's tenosynovitis(diagnosed 5 years ago), and I find it will randomly flare up. Is there any exercises that I can do to strengthen up around it to help prevent this? When it flares up I end up on steroids for a week or two and in a brace, but I hate the feeling of the steroids

Trace Mineral Drops

Actor. Alan Richardson, posted a reel saying how amazing this was. On your last AMA you asked for more questions about specific supplements. Can you dive into Trace Mineral Drops?


Just listened to your PPL routine. I usually take an hour to complete my weight training (including warmups)- how do you structure mobility work into a 6 day routine. Do you do 15-20 min at the end of your weight routine or do you do it during your rest days.