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Lifting routine during calorie deficit.

You’ve said a goal in a deficit is to maintain existing muscle, and on the nutrition side that means keeping protein consumption high. But what does that look like on the training side? Should my strength stay the same? Not increase or decrease?


Hi team, love the pod! Wondering about the blood test partnership, do you think that’s a good idea for everyone? Do you do it? Where can I find the partnership?

Red light therapy for recovery before/after workouts?

Is there any validity to using red light therapy pre or post workout to help with recovery? Most notably, Planet Fitness has a machine they call "Total Body Enhancement" where you stand on a platform that shakes while being exposed to infrared light. The claim is that you will recover faster due to the red light. I believe there are also claims about the vibrations reducing cellulite. Is there any proof that this works?

Swimming for cardio and its impact on muscle gain?

What are your guys thoughts on swimming for cardio and its impact on muscle gain? I'm currently swimming x3 a week for an hour and then I do strength training x3 a week for an hour as well. I want to gain muscle but I really enjoy swimming and don't want to give that up. Plus I want to prioritize cardiovascular health as well. Just for some background but I am 6ft male at 210 lb. I'm taking about 130 grams of protein a day but I'm working on slowly incorporating more protein into my diet. Now, I tend to swim for an hour each time for around 3200 meters. I'm guessing that my MET is 10 while I swim, so that should be 800-1000 calories. Is that right? I definitely don't want to be in too high of a calorie deficit on my swim days. Thank you so much. You guys have such an amazing thing going with this podcast. It truly is life changing and a blessing. - Chad

Core / Ab Training - fads vs fact?

Hey guys, love the pod and I recommend you to everyone! I was wondering your thoughts on core training. Do you target ab muscles separately, or are you in the camp of "my full body lifts cover my core enough?" I've seen so many TikToks saying weighted/dynamic ab exercise will make you bulky, and isometric/bodyweight exercise tightens your core. Is there anything to this at all from either a functional or an aesthetics perspective? Finally- what are y'all's favorite core or ab exercises, if any? Thanks in advance :)