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for daily water intake; 1 gallon or half your body weight in oz? tysm

Counting cooked food vs raw

Hey there, I just recently realized to measure food in grams, and also to measure cooked vs raw portions. Can you provide some education on what to measure in cooked, and how to calculate raw vs cooked pasta, for example....

Night Shift working

Hey so I work a night shift a few days a week and I know it’s far from ideal but it kinda just comes with my career. My question is how best to manage working out around this. I work 2 days, 2 nights and then 4 off. Currently run push, pull, legs, lagging areas for the 4 rest days and then I do a full body workout before my first nightshift. Seems to work pretty well but I’m more interested in finding out how I should structure meals and how to manage post night shift fatigue. Any and all advice is appreciated.

Benefits from a hot tub?

Hey! I know you guys have talked about ice immersion and saunas in the past. You spoke about some benefits of using a sauna, but I’m curious if there are any benefits in using a hot tub in terms of recovery? Getting in a hot tub puts me in my happy place for sure! Just was curious if there are any other benefits. Thank you!

Utilizing Muscle

I have been following your programs and have been making pretty decent progress in my strength. I have realized over the past few weeks that that muscle is not translating into any athletic movement. I tried to play some basketball and it felt like I’d never jumped or been on a court before. Is there something I can add to workouts to start being able to use the muscles for jumping, cutting, swinging, throwing, etc?