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Advice for a picky eater?

Hi Marianna and Tony! So I’m a SUPER picky eater, and it’s causing a huge setback in my health and fitness goals. Veggies and fruits are my struggle point, and for the past several years I would be lucky to eat one serving of each in a week. But now I really want to expand my palate and work on my nutrition! I know I could start hiding veggies in pasta sauce or things like that, but I really want to learn to like (or even tolerate) fruits and veggies. Have either of you ever worked with clients who are picky eaters like this? How did you help them approach this problem? And what’s the best way to start learning to like these foods? Thank you for any advice you may have for me!

Digestive Enzymes

Looove the pod. Recommend to all of my friends! So, 5 years ago i fell prey to the click bate that pointed out celebs stay trim by taking digestive enzymes, in particular the supplements that include amylase, lipase, & bromelaim. I’m wondering what the truth is behind this and what will happen if i stop taking them? My normal diet is high in protein & veggies, and i take them with every meal. If i decide to stop taking them, i feel like i HAVE to at least take them when i eat out, since i know they usually arent using quality ingredients etc. —or basically when im choosing to eat bad. Please help! Would love an answer here or a possible podcast!!

Green tea

Is green tea really as good as people say and does it have an effect in stopping your body being able to absorb nutrients if consumed at the same time as a meal.

Kettlebells: Russian Hardstyle

In 2013 I was introduced to kettlebells, fell head over heals in love & eventually became certified as a KB Instructor through StrongFirst School of Strength. SF teaches Russian hardstyle kettlebell, distinctive from other KB styles, particularly seen in the KB Swing. We teach the swing as a 2 part movement, a hinge & a plank—simple & effective when done correctly. (There is no squat or unplacking of the shoulders, which causes the disengagment of the lats and hyperextention of the spine.) I cringe when I see someone using KBs in an unsafe way & cringe even more when I see it being taught incorrectly. I love the versatility of KBs & how, when programmed correctly, can help you reach any strength or crosstraining goal! I don’t have question persay, but would love an episode dedicated to my absolute favorite strength training tool! With the correct coach to learn the correct form, the sky is the limit! I have been so lucky to find a mentor and friend in Karen Smith, the 1st female Master Kettlebell Instructor in SF Leadership, who is open to direct questions/possible interview from yall if ever interested. Side note: In regard to the furture nutrient absorbtion episode, I would love if you could address phytates, something my mom, a Yongevity rep, has recently brought my awareness to. Thank you!! Much love & appreication.

Nutrition coaches: yay or nay?

Hey guys, me again! I see personal trainers everywhere, but very few nutrition coaches. Is there a reason for this? Is a nutrition certification a waste of time (outside of personal education) or not a respected certification? When does someone need a nutrition coach, and when should they see a dietician? I'd especially love your opinion on this, Marianna!