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Working on not over training

Hiiii, I am currently in the 5th week of the High frequency Full body program. I also train jiu jitsu 2 or 3 days a week depending on the week. I sleep well and hit daily protein intake but still feel like I could cut a day of lifting because there’s usually one day a week where I just feel exhausted. I love movement and it makes me feel great through out that day but I also don’t won’t to over extend myself?

Full Body Workout Question

Not sure if I'll get an answer to this but ... "Add Ons = Make sure to watch this video on how to use add-ons. These are made to insert on top of DAY 5 (Mobility) if you want to give added focus to a single muscle group or lift for strength." ... there's no video linked anywhere in this document, not sure what video is being referenced?

Optimal fat intake for health?

Hello! I know you’ve touched on this before, but I would be interested on hearing your thoughts on an ‘optimal’ (haha) fat intake for health. Asking because I’m a carbs/protein girly and really struggle to get my fats in, but hear every where that healthy fats are important, particularly for people with a menstrual cycle. Asides from cheese and chocolate (I’m lactose intolerant and cutting down caffeine) I don’t really like fat-based foods. I still reluctantly aim for 45-55g a day for health (up to 25% of total intake), but is that ideal? Tysm, and for all you do on the podcast!

Super Set

Just signed up and looking at the work out program. What is a super set?

Body fat

How do I determine my body fat percentage with loose skin? Using calipers and a tape measure show I have more body fat than I sure I don’t have.