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DHEA Supplementation

Where do you stand on DHEA supplements? Are they beneficial or bogus?

Cut or Maintenance Post-OP

So, currently, I am cutting. However in a few weeks I am having a septoplasty done on hope to improve breathing, snoring and sleep. It will be about 6 weeks post-op before I can fully go back to working out. My question is, during this time, should I continue in my calorie deficit and ward off any potential weight gain? Or, would my body appreciate the extra calories for recovery?

Intensity of work out Post Op

Me again, So once I have my surgery in a few weeks and I'm cleared to get back into the gym, roughly 6 weeks recovery, what is some advice getting back into things? I know its mostly subjective and individual based, but if it was you all, what steps would you take to get going again? % of intensity/weight, frequency of work outs, etc.?

RPE range

I was a little late to the party but I’m halfway through the PPL program you guys put out. A lot of the lifts have rep ranges already (6-8, 8-12, etc), should I be using the low or high end while utilizing RPE? Example: 6-8 single arm rows 8 RPE. Should my max reps be 8 or 10?

Dairy Free Protein

I’m in a calorie deficit and I was listening to episode 76. I agree that vegan protein means you’re so hungry. Is there any whey proteins that are ok for lactose intolerant people? Or ways I can get my protein intake up without consuming high calories.