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How to progress with limited dumbbells

Hi there, Got a question around progression and dumbbells - I try and progressively overload, including increasing reps and time under tension. However, my gym has limited dumbbells so the difference between one to the next is quite a lot (e.g. 15kg to 17.5kg) and I sometimes struggle to move up to the next weight on an exercise, even once I've applied some of the other progression techniques. Any tips for bridging the gap between these please?

Ringworm 😖

Help! I got ringworm from my gym. How can I make sure I don’t get it again?!


I’ve been seeing a lot of videos hating on oatmeal right now and it’s really confusing me. Would love to hear you guys’ take on this!

Shoulder mobility and exercies

Hi! Like Mariana, I also have a bad shoulder after falling down a volcano and badly dislocating and breaking it. It has been a long journey to get to where I am today, but I would love more mobility and exercise ideas. I cannot do a barbell back squat because I that position is painful. I cannot do a dead hang (yet) but I have been using the assisted pull up bar to hang with extra weight. I would love more ideas from someone else who has a weaker shoulder. Thanks!

Lifting Accessories?

At what point should you start using lifting accessories? Lifting belt, wrist warps, barbell pad, lifting shoes? Waste of money or helpful?