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Cortisol spike?!

I had a trainer told me that I need to stop training on an empty stomach because my cortisol levels will spike and that will cause me to continue to hold down to fat or even gain weight. I train first thing in the morning and don’t have time to eat. How true is this?

why does e1rm only show for certain exercises in the 12wk High-Frequency Full-Body Program

Hey yall so I'm putting in my load / weight numbers for week 1 of the 12wk High-Frequency Full-Body Program and found it strange that the e1rm is only showing for certain exercises (barbell squat, barbell bench, deadlift, and hip thrust) - I'm curious why it doesn't show for all of them and more broadly, does the 12wk program base subsequent weeks on your loads and RPEs from the first week? Curious what relationship there is - if any - between those.

Wrist straps

Hey guys! I’ve noticed in the gym that my grip is a bit weak. I can’t really hold onto the bar for too long especially doing deadhangs. I have tiny friggan wrists. They tend to hurt as well when I’m lifting. I want to be able to lift heavier weight without the weakness and pain. Wondering if straps or even gloves would be worth giving a shot. Thanks 🙏🏼

What after 12 week of PPL

Hello, I've been following your PPL work out plan and it's been great. Thank you very much for putting it out there. The question is what to do after 12 weeks? Can I just continue to work out on this plan and just add more weight to it. Do I need to change work out routine at some point?

Training and pregnancy

Hi! My husband and I are trying to get pregnant with our first child. Obviously this is also something to discuss with my doctor, but from your years of experience in the industry do you have any tips/ recommendations/ do’s / donts / thoughts or ideas as far as training while pregnant?