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Staying Consistent On weekends

I’m currently in a fat loss phase, but I am struggling to stay consistent on the weekends. Unlike most people I work on the weekends at a restaurant, so staying consistent with my calorie deficit seems to be challenging. Any advice? Thanks for the help!

Frozen Meals

Are frozen meals (from the grocery store) a good option to stay on track with your nutrition? I’ve always wanted to try them as an alternative to meal prep because there’s no meal prep required, tastes good, easy to track (scan barcode into your macro tracking app and you’re good). Thoughts?

Workout Timing

When is the best time to workout? I’ve always heard, because of hormones, men should workout at night and women should workout in the morning.

Knee pain substitutes for Full Body Program

Hey, I have had recurring knee pain and have a lateral meniscus tear which is not too bad but I have been told to be watchful of the heavy exercises like Squats, Deadlifts etc. I was wondering if i can substitute the Back Squats with Hack Squats ? I have this machine at my gym and it might be the same feel except the core stability is not required. I do use leg press and leg extensions a lot along with Tib raises to get the knee area and quads stronger, the injury is from tennis. Another question was on Pre-workout , just in general yay or nay ? Thanks in advance!

Protein Ideas

I am always looking to increase my protein intake. Do you have any tips or hacks on increasing protein in a fun or creative way?