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12 week high frequency program

Hey! Since the workouts are so split between upper / lower body each day .. is there a reason you couldn’t super set some of the workouts ? Bed having everything in an individual set? For example Tricep pull-downs 3 sets B stance deadlift 3 sets . Let me know !

Fancy Meal Services

Would love to hear your thoughts and opinions about brands like Sakara & Kroma Wellness—is this just uppity and overpriced meal prep? Thank you, love what you do

Seasonal depression

Hey guys, I’m over here on the east coast (New England area) and it is getting COLD up here. I’m not a fan of the winter, mostly because seasonal depression creeps in. I take an SSRI but that doesn’t always help when the deep depression settles in. I really really want to stay on track and keep my progress that I’ve made. This happens to me every winter, I let the darkness overwhelm me and I give into the temptations of food cravings and Netflix binges cause going outside or to the gym when you have no energy is the worst thing ever. So, I guess I’m asking for some tips to deal with this and set myself up for success when the hard days come. Thank you, I appreciate all you do.

Bikini competition what’s your take?

I have a coach who is a bikini competitor and another one who comes to my gym. They both have said to cut carbs! I almost wanted to cry. They said if I want to see body recomp, I need to cut carbs very low! I don’t want to compete and I don’t want to cut carbs. I have seen what they do. They do two hours of cardio fasted a day and they also strength train. They look amazing but I don’t think I can commit to be in such low body fat and give up my carbs. So what’s your opinion on bikini competions, pros and cons? It is a healthy thing to do? I have read conflicting information on it.

Other Podcasts

I love you guys, but soon I'll be all caught up on episodes. What are some other podcasts you guys recommend listing to with good information? Thank you