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Fitness trackers

Hi, I know you’ve talked a lot in the past about the inaccuracy of, specifically calorie count with fitness trackers. I’ve been using a whoop for the sleep and recovery components, but having switched from a Fitbit, I’m SHOCKED at the calorie counts on the whoop. They are so low that it’s actually discouraging. My question is, do you feel like the things whoop is good at, out weigh the activity tracking? If not, would you suggest going back to Fitbit? I know Tony really likes oura ring and I’m working my way there but am not in a position to invest at this moment :( thoughts?


Is it good for you? Overpriced? Should we continue drinking or are there other alternatives that are way better? I like mine in a matcha latte form. Just bearly started drinking it. Wanted your guys thoughts!

The Blood test food diet

Have you guys heard of eating to your blood type. I am B positive! I’m wondering if that is legit or just another fad or there is some truth to it?

The Big C word

What is some good tips or news lately in the bio hacking or fitness world on cancer and should we plan to get any tests as a young 28 year old. The cherry on the top is I am type 2 diabetic would that put me more at risk or nah ? Thank you!

Advice for bariatric patients with muscle growth

I'm 2yrs post op and struggling to gain muscle. Trying to get as much protein in as possible. Any suggestions on how to get the most out of what I can eat.