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Soluble Creatine?

Hello! I have learned a lot from you both about gimmicky marketing when it comes to supplements, but I stumbled across a new one today. As you all said the previous episodes, creatine is getting noticed more and seems more available, but it also seems like the supplement world is now over marketing/branding it and jacking up prices. I’ve been using the Bulk Supplements creatine and have loved it, but I recently came across adds for a “100% soluble creatine”. It claims to prevent bloating and excess water retention. My red flags are going off reading that, because the price is also super high. Are any creatines superior to others? I am really excited for the new creatine deep dive episode you hinted towards last week, I think that would be a good one!

Mushroom Supplements

Hello, I’ve been doing some research on mushrooms and their health benefits (I dabble in the magic ones once in a while for mental health purposes) BUT I’m all for natural substitutions over any other form of medicinal products or supplements… that’s IF THEY WORK. Obviously this is still somewhat processed but what isn’t now a days lol. Just wondering if these powder forms of mushrooms have any effects on what they claim to help with. I’m aware that random blends of shit aren’t typically recommended but it’s worth asking about. Specifically I’ve been looking at the brand OM mushroom blend and Genius Mushrooms. Thank you!

Are you familiar with MacroFactor App?

Not sure you guys are familiar with it but this is by far one of the best apps for tracking there is. It so not free like the others but so worth it. macro-tracking app was created by two of the most respected research reviewers in the fitness industry. It’s built on good muscle-building and fat-loss principles, it boasts a clever algorithm, and it’s impressively precise. You could totally affiliate yourself to it. Of course check it out. I love the scale tracking data as well. Does your average and trends just like happy scale app.

Fave ab workout cable crunch

When you do the cable crunch, are they better facing the cable or away?

12 fb workout

How can I input my weight on the Google sheet? I have been using notes. Love the program!!