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Continuous blood glucose monitors

Hey guys! I’ve been noticing a lot of people in social media lately wearing blood glucose monitors and tracking their blood sugar spikes after eating different foods. Some people claim that blood sugar spikes are bad and can lead to weight gain, or are a sign of insulin resistance, is this true? Is there any need for an average person to wear one of these monitors? Should I be worried about foods that spike my blood sugar from a health standpoint? Thanks!

Hip flexors: stretching, strengthening, and mobility?

What advice or routine would you point someone to if they have very tight hip flexors? I've really been struggling with my hips for a while, and it's impeding my squat at the bottom of the motion. I'm built like a corgi with a short/stocky frame, and my most comfortable squat posture (not super upright, wider stance) is more hip-dominant. Altering my squat position isn't very easy, as I have chondromalacia in my knees, and the above stance feels safest and most comfortable to me. I've tried warm ups and some stretches, but it doesn't seem to be helping much. How can I improve my hip mobility/tightness/strength? How many times a week would you do some sort of work for a problem muscle like this? Thanks again guys, I love being a pest in your inbox 🥳

Adjusting workout for pregnancy

My husband and I are trying to conceive. Do I need to adjust my workout at this point? If I do get pregnant, what do I need to consider in terms of fitness? I want to stay as active as possible.

How do you determine what exercises to do for a strength training program?

What exercises to do during a leg, pull, push day. What determines which exercise you use over a different one? Besides just having access to to different equipment.

Total body workout or switch each time?

I tend to work out every other day. Is it best to do a total body workout each time with a day of rest between? Or alternate upper/lower body with a day between? I care more about my lower body workouts and find when I do alternate, I want to do legs and glutes.