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Muscle Maintenance

What do I do to just maintain my muscle? I’ve hit a point where I am where I want to be strength wise and physically, but at this point I’m over eating so much protein and strength training 4x a week. How much protein should I eat and how often should I lift/how intense should I be lifting in order to maintain?

Stress preventing fat loss

Hi! I’ve heard over and over again, that stress can prevent you from losing weight, and that stress makes your body ”hold onto fat”. I get that when you’re stressed you might eat more calories and eat more mindlessly, but is there actually a scientific reason as to why being stressed would prevent weight loss? I mean, if you’re stressed but your calories stayed the same, wouldn’t you still lose the same amount of body fat / weight? Does being stressed lower your energy output somehow?

SUP vs Step Count

Hi yall from TX! :) I am an avid paddleboarder and have always wondered how it “stands up” (haha) to walking. Weather permitting, i get outside on average 5 times a week. Given the choice I will always choose SUP & walk as a substitute. I know Im using a lot of different muscles to pull myself through the water, but my feet are planted. Usually when i walk it’s 30-60 mins; when i paddle it’s 1-3 hours. Of course wind conditions make it more challenging on certain days, but comparing just a leisurely hour of paddling to an hour of moderate to brisk walking, what’s yalls take? PS i love listening to the pod during both of these activities! ;)

Night time workouts

Hey guys! I just got a new job and the schedule is different than what I’m doing now. I want to keep my gym days consistent BUT I will have to do 2/3 of my workouts at 11pm. Is it going to affect my training session or my sleep quality by working out before bed? Thanks!

Abs with bad back?

Hi guys! I have spondy and a really weak core. I can’t seem to find anything that truly helps strengthen my core. Makes it really hard for me to lose belly fat since most core exercises hurt my back. Any suggestions??