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Most important strength exercises during running season?

I have been focusing on strength training, and am currently in the middle of the 12 week PPL. My running season is usually from about April until November, when I train 3-5 days a week for various races. I want to minimize losing the gains I’ve been making with strength training when that time comes next year. What exercises would be most helpful if I can only incorporate 1 gym day a week?

Intensity of daily steps

My job allows me to walk 10k steps in a 8 hour window. It's not intense. I survey job sites at ground level and roof tops. Should I still invest time in cardio via running if I'm already reaching 10k steps on a average day?

Trimming belly fat at 37

What set/rep ratio is optimal to lose weight and trim belly fat? With that in mind, what exercises do you recommend that will help me shed the weight and sculpt the abdominal area?

Body fat % test

Listened to the AMA about cutting/bulking. regarding body fat %, what is the best method readily available to the average joe? I understand inbody is inaccurate as well as the handheld available at most gyms.

No Equipment Ab Exercises

Are there any effective ab exercises that don't require equipment? I often run out of time in my gym workout before I get to do any abs (I am following your High Volume Full Body program!) but I would like to fit in some ab exercises at home when I have time instead of skipping it entirely. I don't have a pull up bar or weights at home. I could work on plank variations but wondering if there is anything else you recommend. Thank you!