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Central Nervous System

Hello! This might be too niche, but I experience really extreme CNS responses after low to moderate intensity strength-training. For context, I do 3-4 exercises, 3x a week, lifting between 10-20kg for compound movements (no where near what I could lift). After, I experience brain fog, shivers, stress, poor sleep etc etc. I eat balanced macros (50c/25p/25f) at maintenance, hydrate well, and have recently cut down caffeine. I have suspected Joint Hyper Mobility, which I think might play a role. Smaller muscles (e.g, shins) tend to take the load in compound movements and there is some literature on sensitivity of the CNS and JHS. Aware it's unlikely to be specific to JHS, but if you have any advice on CNS responses in general, it would be much appreciated! I've been told to continue strength training by my physio. Thanks, and thanks for everything you do on the podcast!

Pace for increasing protein

What’s up! I was wondering if there’s any guidance for the pace to increase protein intake? For context, before setting a goal I ate around 40-50g a day, and I’d like to move that to 115g. However, I made that jump to 115g for couple days and suddenly I had to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. The ~worst~. I’ve since cut back to around 80g/day and am not experiencing that side effect. I read protein can have a diuretic effect, so I think that’s what was happening. Should I increase my protein daily/weekly until hitting my goal? Would supplementing with electrolytes while adjusting help?

Sleep improvement

I’m asking for a female friend who suffers with depression, anxiety, ADHD, and. Can you please recommend how to regulate her circadian rhythm or get it back into rhythm. Secondarily, can you recommend a magnesium vitamin that will help her with sleeping?

What to do About Osteoporosis/Bone Density?

My grandmother is 89 years old and was recently diagnosed with late-stage osteoporosis of the spine and scoliosis. :( What supplements, diet changes, and exercises would you recommend for someone in this situation? She is fully ambulatory, uses a walker occasionally, and is mostly independent with her ADLs.

workout split for glute/leg hypertrophy?

I’ve listened to both the lower/upper body and full body split episodes, you got me on the full body split and I’m loving it! My current goal is glute and thigh growth/trying to gain weight. I was wondering if there is a split that would be better for that goal? (also know eating in a surplus is super important and am working on that!) thanks so much!