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Mindset shift

I’m about to start the 12 week full body workout. How do I shift my mindset from worrying about calories burned to focusing on better strength and performance?

12 week PPL

So I'm on week 9 of the PPL Split. I've been structuring the workout days as monday-push, wednesday-pull, friday-leg, saturday-abs/active recovery, where Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday are rest days with just getting my usual 10k steps in. I honestly feel like I could handle more training days. So I was wondering if you had thoughts on just doing monday-push, tuesday-pull, wednesday-leg, thursday-abs, friday-rest, saturday-push, sunday-pull, monday-legs, tuesday-abs, wednesday-rest...etc until the plan is complete? this isn't a 7 day rotation, it's a 5 day rotation. but then when this is over i'm starting your 5 day full body workout. thoughts on restructuring the ppl plan in this way?

“Zigzag” diet

Hi 👋🏼 what are your thoughts on zigzag dieting? Having a slightly different calorie goal each day of the week that brings you from maintnance down to a solid deficit and then back up every week. The idea is that it will keep your body from adapting into a plateau, while being in an overall deficit.

Fat Burning Zone

hi! In this week's episode you mentioned that the "fat burning zone" of cardio is a myth. I get that there is no magic spell for dropping fat with only cardio, and that there are generally better options for fat loss. I've always read that the optimal heart rate zone for calorie/fat burn is 65-75% of your max heart rate. Is there any truth to this?

Question about Maintenance Calories

I just listened to your new episode on how to cut and I had a question about maintenance calories! If you successfully go through a fat loss phase with a calorie deficit, when you return to maintenance will your calories be the same as before your cut? Or will your post-cut maintenance calories be somewhat lower than your pre-cut maintenance calories since you would likely be trying to maintain a lower weight? I hope this makes sense! Thank you for all the work you put into this podcast and happy new year!