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Weight loss without counting calories

Hey guys, love your podcast!! I was hoping you both could give me some direction regarding weight loss without counting calories. Do you have any tips on how to ensure/know you’re in a deficit without counting calories? Also, what does the transition look like going from a deficit to maintaining when you don’t count them? Usually people just up their caloric intake, so I’m not sure what exactly to change when I do want to start maintaining? Thank you in advance!

Is taking a multivitamin daily worth it?

From listening to your episodes on supplements it seems that if you’re not deficient, then taking more of something will not add extra benefits. Also I know in one of the episodes it was mentioned that in a multivitamin there are smaller amounts of each vitamin so if you are deficient then you’re better off just taking that supplement. If I’m not deficient should I be taking a multivitamin?

How can I lower RHR, increase HRV?

I wear a whoop and monitor my hrv and rhr. I train regularly (following your 12 wk program) + cardio, log food based on fat loss focused recomp and generally get good sleep (both quality and quantity)….not seeing a lot of movement in my RHR (it’s even a little higher at times than last year) or HRV What are the best ways to improve both metrics? Are there supplements that ACTUALLY help with this?

Deadlifting with a gut?

I have a big belly and want to deadlift, but I can't seem to bend that far down without rounding my back. Is there a regression or alternative method/work-up-to exercise I can do?

Multivitamin for women

My best friend has PTSD and depression. What’s a good daily multivitamin for women? Maybe something that can help a little with depression?