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Getting into fitness with disordered eating & body dysmorphia

(Sorry for another question, lol.) Hey y’all, I know you both have mentioned having firsthand experiences with either disordered eating and/or body dysmorphia. I’ve had my own as well, but am asking for my clients who are new to nutrition and the gym, and overcoming unhealthy mindsets/relationships with either facet of their journey seems to be the hardest part. Would just love any additional insight/tips on best ways to approach this and bridge that gap with clients who are new to this journey (or anyone who is new to it/dealing with something similar!). Thank you 💓

Is there a more affordable protein powder option?

I know you guys love Legion, and I do plan to try it out. However, have you seen the cost? Yikes. I currently use Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey, 5lbs for $75. I'm sure Legion's worth the cost, but Legion is outside my budget right now in terms of quantity for the cost. Can you suggest a good protein that is more affordable?

Mind Muscle connection

I did a search on here and did not find an answer. I hear a lot about mind muscle connection. How do I do it? I try and almost no where on my body do I feel the connection when lifting, nor do I feel tension on the muscle I'm working. I stopped listening to music to focus more on it, but no luck there.


I am looking to add yoga into my routine. There are a number of reasons why, but increased flexibility is a major one. But I admittedly don't know why being more flexible is 'good'. Can you help me understand the benefits of flexibility?

Knee pain

My knees have always made crunching noises when I move. Now that I'm lifting heavy weights, I'm starting to feel it more, especially after certain exercises (barbell squats are the biggest culprit). Sometimes they're sore for days after. Do I need to avoid certain exercises? Reduce the weight? Or is there something I can do to help with the pain?