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Getting stronger without gaining size

Hi! I’m at a point in my training where I’ve pretty much built the muscle size that I’m happy with so now my goal is just to maintain muscle mass. However, I’d still like to get stronger on movements like the bench press and the deadlift. Is this possible and if so, how does one approach this goal? Thanks, love your podcast btw!

Swimming for Cardio

What are your thoughts on swimming to get your cardio in?


I remember you mentioned taking HMB before a fasted workout, or if you do cardio after your lifting session. I like to go for long runs sometimes 10+ miles. Would it make sense to take HMB before a long run like that?

Leaning out, but I’m not losing weight

Hello! Apologies on if this is long winded but could use some help. First, I’ve been doing your full body program and I’ve been loving it and seeing a lot of growth and feeling good (along with starting to focus more on eating better and cooking more instead of eating out) My goal has always been to go from my current weight around 206, to under 200 (195 area). I am eating in a deficit as well. My girlfriend has noticed that my stomach doesn’t stick out as much and more muscle definition and leanness, however after weighing myself it shows an increase in weight at 208. I get that muscle growth is most likely the culprit, but how would I go about losing the weight as well? Is it more of a focus on the leaning out first then the weight loss? I currently am not doing any extra cardio, as when I’ve previously done it with full body workouts, my lifts tend to be negatively affected. Any advice would be great! Thanks

Pre workout to not work out

Would it be weird to take a (non stim, shoutout legion) pre workout to do chores/errands? I find that whenever I do take a pre workout (with stim) I’m incredibly productive even hours after my workout.