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F45 and strength training

So I recently started F45, it helped me start losing weight the first time i did it pretty quick. I started again to use it as a cardio class with some weights Because i really hate cardio. My plan was to strength train twice a week push/pull and do f45 three times. not sure if it is a good idea. Any thoughts?

Best bench press

I used to do bench press and found that it was great for increasing muscle. Due to a shoulder injury, I went to dumbbell bench press 5 or so years ago and have continued. It works well, but feels like less effective, helps my triceps a lot though. Is dumbbell better than bar or vice versa?

Glucose Goddess Method

What are your thoughts on the Glucose Goddess Method and her reasoning behind it?

Tracking food

Hi could you guys do lan episode on techniques and strategies to track food. I have started tracking in grams like you recommended but for somethings it is difficult like barilla protein pasta cooked vs uncooked for an example like what substitutions would you use and what not. Your podcast has really helped me so much, I have gone from 275 to 265 in a month!

Soreness as an indicator of effort?

In a previous episode, Tony (I think) made a passing comment that muscle soreness and effort exerted don't necessarily line up, or that if you're not sore the next day, it doesn't mean you underperformed. Could you elaborate on this? It's been lurking around my brain ever since. I had always heard the mindset that soreness is basically your receipt for the work you did. Is it okay to not have ANY soreness/fatigue the next day?