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The wink

How do we feel about the butt wink?

Nutrient absorption

Hey guys, in a few episodes y’all have mentioned how some things can have an impact (negative or positive) on how your body absorbs nutrients. Like caffeine can decrease the absorption of protein. Is this true for highly absorbable whey isolates? Is this something to really worry about? Also what are some other supplements that I should avoid taking together or start taking together to aid in better absorption rates? Thank you!

The back arch

Hey guys!! I see a lot of times in videos where people are working out on a bench press, they make their back arch, sometimes it’s seems pretty…exaggerated? (If that’s the word) . I was wondering does this help with anything? I’ve had some people tell me it limits the ROM but I wanted to hear your thoughts on this!!

Calories while sleeping

Hello , first of all I wanna say you guys are awesome, my question is what’s the average calories burned while sleeping ,I’m trying to cut and wonder if my calorie intake at night will affect my progress if let’s say I’m eating to many cals at night ?

More protein and eating past fullness vs. listening to hunger cues

I’m aiming for body recomp and feel like there are some conflicting opinions when it comes to food! I know I need to eat a surplus of protein (the 1g per pound of body weight) but I’ve heard a couple of nutritionists stress the importance of stopping eating when you’re satiated or at 80% full in order to lose weight so I’m wondering - do you eat past the point of fullness to reach a protein goal or stop eating when you’re full? I can’t find info on this ANYWHERE and I’m going crazy!