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What is Sinetrol and is it recommended for weight loss?

Core Strength

How can I strengthen my core? A six-pack isn't a goal, but I have noticed that my core is often the weakest link with many lifts and movements. So while I never try spot train, is there a way to strengthen my core directly?

BIA is inaccurate, but is it reliable?

You’ve covered a few times that BIA machines are not accurate gauges of BF%. For those of us who have access to BIA machines is there any evidence to suggest that they’re also not consistent? In other words, if you observe a trend over days/weeks of regular measurements (just like daily weigh ins), is it safe to conclude that there is a quantifiable change happening? Or are the machines so unreliable that even trends aren’t useful data points. Thanks in advance and love the work you’re all doing.

Fitness Apps

I have cycled between so many different fitness apps because for some reason I can’t get my shit together enough to create my own workouts. I have recently settled on and really like the ladder app because you have so many different program / “coach” options and they heavily emphasize progressive overload and the RPE scale, etc. Do you have any opinions on how “good” this app is? Am I better off just creating my own workouts?

Deadlift grip

(Guess who's back... back again 🎶 ) After I posted a PR video for my deadlift, I got some comments indicating that a double underhand grip isn't safe for my biceps, but I've never even felt pain in my biceps during my heaviest deads. I learned to deadlift in a powerlifting gym, and they taught me with a switch grip. I just changed to a double under after I started struggling with my grip, but that was before I had lifting straps. Should I be lifting double overhand instead of underhand or switch grip? Do straps influence any of these grips in a more or less safe direction? (Someone also said straps on underhand increased injury risk, but that smells like cap?) 🧐