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12-week program

Just started the 12-week program Didn’t quite felt my chest on the push day Should I just put more weight or add one more exercise for the chest?

Magnesium spray

Someone told me I should get magnesium spray and put it on my feet instead of taking a supplement orally. This sounds crazy to me and I'm wondering if you have had a look at the research because it is hard for me to interpret.

Progression on certain exercises

Is it normal that there are some exercises i just dont increase weight on easily, like RDLs or shoulder press. Is that normal? Does this mean im not progressing? Or how do i know if i am or not?

Cut and Bulk

Do i really have to cut or bulk to make progress? Can i build muscle at all at a slight deficit? If im gaining strength at the gym, does this mean im building muscle even though its not as obvious physically?

Missing a workout

If you’re doing, for example, the high frequency full body program, and you miss a day for some reason, what should you do? Do you make sure to hit every workout in a week (even if that takes 10 days)? Or should you keep moving to the next week of the program on schedule?