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Soluble vs. insoluble fiber?

Once you've adjusted your diet to hit the recommended daily fiber intake, does the ratio of soluble to insoluble fiber matter?

Food sensitivity test?

I'm considering taking a food sensitivity test but I've been told they're inaccurate, is it worth trying? And what's the difference between a food sensitivity, intolerance, and allergy?

How long should workouts be?

After juggling work and family time, I only have about 30 minutes to workout, is that long enough to be effective if I'm trying to lose weight?

Lifting 2 days a week?

I’m planning on working on strength and balance over the next few months, but realistically 2 days a week at the gym is probably all I can fit into my schedule. Will this be enough to build muscle? I’m pretty much a newbie, I’ve only lifted sporadically

Joint Strength

I’ve noticed pain in my knees when doing leg curls and wrist pain when doing dumbbell curls. I end up using lighter weights or skipping these exercises altogether. Is there a way to strengthen these joints or should I just stop doing these exercises?