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Fat loss on many medications

I have no pituitary gland and thus on many meds. Doctors say I CAN'T lose weight. It's been a 90-degree uphill battle, but I'm making progress. What else can I do? I lift weights using an upper/lower split 4 days a week and 1-day cardio. Some of my meds increase hunger so in a deficit I'm constantly starving and I am a big guy.

Progressive overload

I hear the term progressive overload everywhere, but what is it really? So that I can properly program for it?

Biggest gym pet peeves?

Just a funsie question this time! I love hearing Marianna pop off about BS supplements/nutrition myths, but what are both of y'all's biggest gym/etiquette pet peeves? Let it out, this is a safe space 😌


I keep hearing stuff about peptides and I’m generally curious! Do they work, are they safe, are they worth trying for specific things? I’m very skeptical about them and didn’t know if there was solid research on all of them or if they are just the new trendy thing! Also you guys are awesome keep up the great work! I appreciate all of the effort you put into these episodes!

Alternatives for Long Femured Friends

Hey y’all, I vaguely remember hearing something similar about this awhile back so apologies if this is a repeat question. I’m a six-foot tall girl with much longer legs than my torso (including long femurs). I’ve tried so many variations of squats - front squats, sissy squats, pendulum squats, etc - and still despise the movement in general because I think my long legs put me at a disadvantage for getting full ROM/decent “depth” (I know that could be a whole tangent in and of itself though). Do you have any suggestions for replacing a squat movement altogether; or would you suggest continuing to program some variation of it regardless? Thank you!